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Try the best German beer Oktoberfest

Germany is a federation of Western European States and is also a very important economic and political position in the World. Germany is also known as a country that has advanced knowledge and technology in various fields.

Germany has an octoberfest festival which will be held for two weeks each year. Usually held in late September and early October in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. The octoberfest festival is the most famous event festival in Germany and also the largest festival in the world. There are around six million visitors each year who take part in this festival.
And last but not least is Beer which is the main concern in this festival. Special octoberfest beer has a taste and there is alcohol content that is more concentrated and hard.




Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest Marzen

This beer is specially made at the end of the season and it is made a little stronger so that it can help to get through the autumn festival and afterwards. This type of special octoberfest beer is only available throughout the year.


Paulaner Bir

This is a type of beer that can be considered traditionally typical of Germany. This type of beer has a taste character that is usually often referred to as Full Bodied. has a dark color and is also fermented in a low temperature state. So that it can be a wheat lager beer.

This beer is a type of beer that is rich in fruit flavor and also includes a type of very light beer that can be tried or enjoyed at the octoberfest festival.
Beer is a beverage that plays a role in saving the residents of the city of Bavaria due to conditions that make the quality of the water dirty and unfit to drink. In those days the people preferred to drink beer rather than drink normal water because the whole city was infected with a cholera outbreak. And at that time beer is safer for consumption because bacteria from contaminated water are already dead during the fermentation process. That’s why the process of brewing goes on and is also part of the celebration of the biggest festival that is well known throughout the world, Octoberfest.

The biggest festival is octoberfest in Germany

The biggest festival that always exists every year, the octoberfest festival is held in an area called Theresienwiese or also better known as the therese field. In this festival the prima donnas are Beer. Beer is very identical in this festival, even beer is available in large quantities, not only beer but there are also some traditional foods typical of Germany.

This festival has been held since 1810, which is a celebration of the marriage of King Ludwig I to the daughter of Therese. All residents of Munich are invited to the wedding which is a royal party which is held for 16 days. And when the celebration closed, a horse race for the royal family and all the people of Munich was held.
So that the tradition of horse racing became the forerunner in the celebration of the october festival. But at this time horse racing no longer exists at this festival. And replaced and enlivened by huts containing beer and drinks in 1896. Then after that came the name Octoberfest which is celebrated every year. And this festival is also a famous festival which is also one of the tourist destinations in Germany. Even this festival has been widely imitated or participated in in other countries. There are several countries that also hold festivals every year.

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