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Bitburger Drive Non Alcoholic Beer

Bitburger Drive is made for pure refreshment. The alcohol is carefully removed, but only once the beer is fully cooked so that it is locked in the famous Bitburger flavor. And at the same time reduce calories. Because beer is fully fermented, it doesn’t need to be pasteurized, so it tastes fresher.


Low-alcohol beer is beer with a low alcohol content or free of alcohol and is intended to give beer a taste without the intoxicating effects of standard alcoholic drinks. Most low-alcohol beer is lager, but there are also some low-alcohol ale.

Low alcoholic beer and beer that does not contain alcohol seems to be popular among beer connoisseurs. Actually there is nothing wrong about the amount of alcohol as long as you know the limit when sipping a beer and make sure you also know the extent of your ability when consuming alcoholic beverages.

This one can also be found at BITBURGERCLUB. Don’t be afraid to get drunk, this drink is absolutely 0% alcohol and will not fool you at all.

Currently non-alcoholic beer and low alcoholic beer are at the peak of popularity. Heineken even doubled the beer-free beer that will go on sale in August.

For those of you who want to enjoy beer but are afraid because there is alcohol you can try this one beer. But always make sure that you do not force yourself to sip alcoholic drinks. Because alcoholic drinks can provide positive or negative benefits for the body depending on your consumption of alcohol in a reasonable or excessive amount.

Updated: July 27, 2020 — 10:52 am
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