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10 Best Beers In Germany Lives Up Octoberfest

bitburgerclub.comGermany is a country in the form of a Federation in the Western European Part and also has a very important economic and political position in the world. Germany is also known as a country that masters advanced science and technology in various fields.

Germany has a two-week festival of Octoberfest which is held annually. Usually held at the end of September and the beginning of October in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. The oktoberfest festival is Germany’s most famous event festival and it is also the largest festival in the world. There are about six million visitors each year who join this festival.

And what is not less important is beer which is the main concern in this festival. The special oktoberfest beer has a taste and contains a stronger and stronger alcohol content. This festival is held annually and this time it is Octoberfest 2018. The following are:

10 Best Beers In Germany Lives Up Octoberfest

1. Schneider Weisse Tap 6.8.2% ABV


This is a legendary German beer made from wheat and black malts. Has a taste that is quite sweet, soft and creamy. This type of beer has a spicy taste that comes from yeast. It has a high alcohol content as well as a strong taste, and makes this beer just a sip.

2. Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest Marzen


This beer is specially made at the end of the season and it is made a little stronger to help make it through the fall festivals and beyond. This special octoberfest type of beer is only available year round.

3. Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbier


The type of beer that has the oldest brewery taste in the world, this beer has a crunchy banana flavor and also garlic which comes from a special yeast and a little spice that can add to its freshness. This beer is perfect for all conditions.

4. Fruh Kolsch


It is a style beer belonging to the city of Cologne and a pale ale that has a fresh taste. Sweet bread with lemon flavor. And it certainly won’t make enough if you just try a bottle.

5. Augustiner Helles


This drink was created 130 years ago and has a light, hoppy taste and is also sprinkled with soft malts which makes this beer taste so good on the tongue making you thirst for the taste of beer.

6. Ayinger Urwesisse


This type of beer has a flavor that combines a strong wheat flavor with the addition of banana flavors as well as toffee and apple freshness. What makes this combination makes anyone who tries it want to add more.

7. Brauerie Heller Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Fastenbier

Brauerie Heller-Aecht-Schlenkerla-Rauchbier-Fastenbier

This beer is a type of original beer from the city of Bamberg which has a delicious and brown color with a malty taste, and a strong bitter taste that is perfect for enjoying at midnight. In fact, not only that by just smelling the aroma you will get special ingredients from the Rauchbier maker.

8. Bayerischer Banhof Original Leipziger Gose


This beer has a peach aroma as well as a corlander’s spice and also a slightly salty taste from the salt. And the combination of these flavors is only made by Gose.

9. Weizenbier


It is one of the famous beers that originated from Germany, known for having a pale yellow color with a dense and strong foam. You will feel the soft aroma of fragrant bananas. There will be a little subtle mango and pineapple flavor. This is a new blend of flavors in beer.

10. Paulaner


This is a type of beer that can be said to be traditionally typical of Germany. This type of beer has a characteristic taste that is usually called Full Bodied. has a dark color and is also fermented at low temperature conditions. So that it can become a wheat lager beer. This beer is a type of beer that is rich in fruit flavors and is also a very light type of beer that can be tried or enjoyed at the Octoberfest festival.

Beer was a drink that played a part in the rescue of the townspeople of Bavaria due to conditions that made the quality of the water dirty and unsuitable for drinking. At that time the people preferred drinking beer instead of drinking plain water because the whole city was affected by the cholera epidemic. And at that time beer was safer to consume because the bacteria from contaminated water had died during the fermentation process. That’s why the brewing process continues and is also part of the biggest festival celebration that is well known throughout the world, namely Octoberfest.

The biggest festival is Octoberfest in Germany


The biggest festival that is always there every year, the Octoberfest festival is held in an area called Theresienwiese or also better known as Therese Field. At this festival, beer is the star. Beer is very synonymous in this festival, there is even beer in large quantities, not only beer but also some traditional German food.

This festival has been held since 1810, which is a celebration of the marriage of King Ludwig I to daughter Therese. All Munich residents were invited to the wedding, which was a 16-day royal feast. And when the festivities close the meal takes place horse races for the royal family and for the whole people of Munich.
So that the tradition of horse racing becomes the forerunner to the celebration of the Octoberfest festival. However, horse racing is no longer present at this festival. And it was replaced and enlivened by huts containing beer and drinks in 1896. So after that came the name Octoberfest which is celebrated every year. And this festival is also a famous festival which is also one of the tourist destinations in Germany. In fact, this festival has been widely imitated and celebrated in other countries. There are several countries that also hold festivals every year.

This is just a little bit about oktoberfest, starting from its history, the function of the beer for the people of the city of Bavaria and also the one thing that was left behind during the festival which is Beer. So here are the 10 Best Beers in Germany to celebrate the already well-known Octoberfest. And it could be that one of these beers will accompany us at the 2018 Octoberfest festival. Beer with different alcohol qualities and also flavors that can spoil the tongue. Hopefully this article can add to our insight about one of the biggest festivals in the world, namely Octoberfest. And what about this year’s Octoberfest 2018, of course, we will discuss it in another article.

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